My purpose here lies in sharing with you the beautiful resources that enhance my learning and that of my little ones. Here are just a few of the books I adore from our growing home library. The children’s books above, Wild Child & Doug Unplugged, both capture the heart of home education so perfectly! Both my little girl and I love these, as they do a fantastic job of “normalising” home “school”.

The bottom National Parks book is from our op shop, in preparation for our “Road Schooling” journey we’re planning. I absolutely loved reading the books on this shelf that I have so far got through!

Unschooled, Simplicity Parenting and Free to Learn were all fantastic but most of the books I have read are on my phone or audio books, so bare with me while I gather my collection and share my reflections with you. Part of the reason I began this blog was to keep these pearls of wisdom, and go deeper into the philosophies as I apply them in real life.


Below is a list of a few books that I highly recommend.

  1. Unschooling Rules
  2. Dumbing Us Down
  3. Free to Learn
  4. How Children Learn
  5. Unschooled
  6. The Unhurried Homeschooler
  7. The Call of the Wild and Free
  8. There’s No Such Thing As Bad Weather
  9. What is Unschooling


Here is just a few of the wonderful Unschooler blogs or social media accounts I can also recommend:

Basically they ALL have a focus on Respectful Parenting, which I feel is a big draw card and driving force behind many parents choice to unschool as an extension of this, allowing childhood autonomy and freedom seldom respected in common culture.

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