Home Ed . Not Hermit

We have 2 little girls and a Natural Health family business, operating 3 Myotherapy clinics across Melbourne & Victoria. I am also an Astrologer (both Chinese & Western) and Feng Shui Consultant, as well as Author of a number of books including The Sacred Psychology of Healing, Self Care Medicine, Heal Yourself, Moving Beyond Pain & co-author of The Book of Inspiration for Women.

I grew up in the foster care system much of the time, so I know what the “system” can be like as I was a state ward and went to 14 schools. School was my escape, but that was my journey. My children live in a different world. We, their parents… are entrepreneurs, who love them dearly. I want my children to be exposed to our mindset, attitudes and philosophies, much more than those of 30 other same aged children who are likely to be parented quite differently.

That’s not to mention their potential teachers. I can’t imagine my children spending 1200 hours a year that way, for 13 (school) years! That’s 15600 hours AT school alone! Not counting the hours of travel to and from and preparing packed lunches for their only social time (outside of class).

With a love for nature, a year ago, we moved to the bush from the city, for a more simple life and space. Space to grow food again after previously leaving our huge suburban back yard veggie garden. We are strong on community and like many home educators, have a great network of families we are connected with. We are purposefully unhindered and though any outsider may assume the opposite, our life is very much a conscious choice!

From home birthing to home education, parenting and lifestyle, we choose all of it with great consideration! We do it because it’s right for us and we respect other’s for their own unique choices that suit them. Our greatest wish for our children is that we are an example of freedom, autonomy and fulfilment, that they can be inspired by.