The Importance of Play

“Scientists have recently determined that it takes approximately 400 repetitions to create a new synapses in the brain – unless it is done with PLAY, in which case it takes between 10-20 repetitions.” Dr Karyn Purvis

It’s as though in psychology…if you want to bypass the barriers and walls people innately put up…you must drop their defences through the stimulation of joy. This is the exciting nature of the brain according to all of the reading I have done. Similar to vaccines, I have read many studies (even the CDC and government websites) which lead to my decisions to homeschool and not to vaksin8.

I have not always kept a record of my readings however, though the more I discover, the more I wish I had. Sometimes I search for data and information/ studies I’ve previously come across, particularly on the vaccine subject, only to find it no longer available.

This is something we face in the new world of censorship we are in. Facebook, youtube and google are the worst for it now! It it doesn’t fit the mainstream profiteering narrative pushed by the big corporations (big pharma etc), then it’s swept under the rug and anyone questioning is bullied. This has not only become acceptable but is encouraged.

So in defying the acceptable, I urge you to question the wrote repetitious learning style of the conveyor belt schooling system. Forgive me for coming across rude. I know there are wonderful teachers and schools that may be or are the exception but, mostly… I see the repetition focus in schools to be redundant, when learning can happen so deeply when spontaneously autonomous!

It may NOT happen on “schedule” with the “standardised” curriculum… But it happens organically in its own beautiful and individual way! That’s one of the many reasons I choose homeschooling:) Just a thought for now til next time.

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