Homeschooling in Week 5 of Victoria’s 2nd Lockdown

Yesterday it was announced that we will have 3 more weeks of lockdown, not 1 as originally stated. This I believe is the longest lockdown in the world over “Covid-19”. So, 5 weeks into lockdown number 2 and I feel drawn to check in to celebrate the wins. Though our Melbourne business is at stake after 12 years of operation… we remain “optimistic”.

Looking on the bright side… this week we celebrate our daughter’s basic reading becoming fluent, her losing her second tooth and riding a bike without training wheels for the first time.

So, while we face a very uncertain future with the incredibly questionable leadership throwing our economy and especially sole traders under the bus… we continue our pursuit of a simple and sustainable life, focused on health and longevity.

Though we now learn that free speech is no longer permitted on social media under the latest terms and conditions updates from Zfuckberg…. we remain connected to our likeminded friends through other means and are thankful for that!

Right now, we are grateful to have the space out in the country that we do…to roam freely without a mask, without the threat of stranger abuse. Though I have great concern for the corruption we see right now, we don’t watch the news and we strive to minimise our children’s exposure to the dark side of all of this.

We are taking all the blessings, reevaluating what and who means what in our lives. We are thankful for our seedlings popping up now it’s Spring. The sunny weather finally returning and the space to grow food that we can eat. This lockdown, we’ve planted several fruit trees and have a lot underway in the yard we’re excited about!

While we are saddened by the many people affected badly by the horrid current events of Victoria and understand why so many want to leave this state… we remain focused…for our own wellbeing, on the bright side. Wherever it is…we keep our eyes on that! Be it our safe place to sleep, food on the table and family cuddles… There is ALWAYS so much to be grateful for!

Let this crappy time be your compost! Take what you can from it and grow! That’s my motto!

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