Is there social disadvantages to homeschooling / not vaccinating?

The tired old question I hear so often is: Do homeschooled or non vaccinated children have a social (or even financial) disadvantage? 

This is something I want to lay to rest. I have been wanting to put this myth to bed for a long time! But first, I want to pay attention to how this desire was given a strong focus for me today! 

Below is a comment I made on a post from a home educating parent asking if not vaccinating compromised their child’s social life.

It was a reply to another parents judgment on “anti vaxxers”

It just grated on me the willy nilly nastiness some people display towards people of different values!


Please  don’t call someone not vaccinating an anti vaxxer! We have a right to autonomy just as people have a right to choose who they enter intimate relations with! If vaccines work, there’s no need to worry about anything is there? 

Also, be careful… you may be insulting parents who no longer vaccinate due to the death of a child or a permanent brain injury (from the neurotoxins/heavy metals being injected). 

Vaccine injury is well beyond a fever and rash as the name can mislead. There are thriving non vax / home ed communities everywhere, not participating in much of the toxic consumerism and systematic indoctrination, hence we choose to also homeschool quite often. 

Also, some may not vax due to DNA of animal tissue & aborted fetal cells in some vaccines, let alone formaldehyde and many more poisonous toxins, even without considering the lack of long term, or even short term ie zero double blind placebo controlled studies ALL other TGA approved drugs undergo) to determine chronic health implications (ie childhood diseases now prominent that were hardly found prior to manufacturer liability exemptions)… which is an ethical AND safety issue to say the least. 

People have the right not to inject foreign DNA in their children’s bodies, manufactured by companies with NO legal liability should permanent irreversible damage eventuate in the event of an adverse reaction. That’s what VEARS (the organisation / reporting system is for!

Now for the subject of not/no longer vaccinating potentially causing a financial (even health) disadvantage…

To the parent who asked if no longer vaccinating her children would cause health issues, similar to discontinuing antibiotics, and if no longer having her children up-to-date would mean no government support…


I’m really glad and grateful you messaged! No, vaccines are not like antibiotics. The sooner you stop the better for their immune system and long term health. Big statement for the majority to digest yes. See the book Vaccines and Autoimmunity (where the immune system attacks itself).

We see a vast array of autoimmune diseases now unlike ever before. Is it any wonder, given the push for vaccine compliance?

Yes… contrary to popular (misinformed) belief. I’ll write more on this topic another time.

See all the chronic health issues that exist now, that never did prior to the explosion of the “schedule” once the high courts gave the manufacturers protection from any litigation…because they were being litigated out of business prior to that! They cause so much damage.

No mainstream media will cover this though. They would lose big sponsors!

There are HUGE Vic / Melb – and Aus wide local communities of such families where many have injured children or like me, chose not to vax from the beginning. There is no need to worry about the government’s money/ support as it is literally only $27 per fortnight that you’ll be missing out on…its a supplement A or B, cant recall exactly.

It’s NOTHING compared to the price so many people pay for their children’s health bills especially longer term:( I have many parents you can speak to in the community.

I know that’s a hard pill to swallow for many. Apologies for any non intended offence! I know we all choose what path we choose, IN ORDER TO protect our children!

You’re NOT alone! We’re mostly just hiding out of fear of being bullied / defamed / attacked (happened to us in real life) by the people who have been indoctrinated. The extreme pro vax can be quite vile towards those choosing other paths. Thanks for messaging! It really warms my heart!

So glad you have an open mind!

Again…it’s nothing. People don’t realise it’s only that $27 per fortnight they miss out on. I say quit 1 thing on your shopping list and it’s covered. It’s easy to be creative when your family’s health depends on it:)



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