One week of State Rest-riction “Schooling”

Let’s be clear, this is NOT what homeschooling for most of us actually looks like! This is not the rich social freedom that we homeschoolers usually enjoy or have the “privilege” (choice) of. Many, if not most homeschoolers have a rich face to face engaging social life. Obviously that’s not possible right now during another stint of legislation enactments.

I just thought I would share this experience in the hope that it helps even just one other family feel like they’re not alone right now, when it’s easy to seem that way. Especially as a minority within a minority within a minority 😉 Let’s face it, school is very much a sold system… people don’t need convincing of this seemingly traditional norm.

So my purpose here is to communicate the benefits of homeschool life, as hard as it may be for some (friends and family) to understand and accept. There are many stories of disagreements and comments made that are intended to “question” a homeschooling parent’s “different” choice.

Some people may assume that a certain way of life within homeschooling is not well considered, but I’m here to say that ones choice for example:

Not to focus on “reading” for it’s own sake as a priority, but a holistic and natural eventuation of pursuing passion… Is not for lack of thought…but deliberate intention not to focus on one academic skill at the expense of other developmental aspects of wellbeing.

Coming back to our first week of lockdown number two in regional Victoria…

Though I don’t and won’t be sharing ALL that we as a family do outwardly, behind “closed doors”, there’s much that happens in our home that one would consider learning oriented. By human nature, it’s hard to stop this drive in a healthy home / individual!

Personally, my home education choice is about being free to focus on what matters to US as a family! This is largely understanding nature, health, sustainability and emotional wellbeing (communication skills / body language etc). After all, people “say” much more than they think!

So, on that note, I’ll leave you with a book recommendation: You Say More Than You Think, by Janine Driver. You might also like to check out her Ted X Talk: How Five Simple Words Can Get You What You Want here.

I have found this knowledge, also having studied a Diploma of Holistic Counselling, to be an enormous confidence builder! To enhance my trust in my own intuition. This is something I feel that homeschooling parents really need. Especially given we are not merely relying on a “curriculum” to deliver our children’s education.

So let this be a moment of recognition that yes, it does take a great deal of energy and mental input to homeschool / unschool your own. You must be present to and observant of, in order to support your children’s natural curiosity and interests (thereby facilitating learning) constantly!

But let it also be a realisation that you need to be an example for your children, which can also mean demonstrating self care and slowing down. So take this time to tune out (or “in”, depending on how you look at it), to preserve your own mental health to a degree. Yes, you can’t do this completely in this world…but give it a good go! It’s not all about “producing” and wearing “busy” like a trophy!

Let this time be about REST…not “rest-riction! Focus and perspective can change everything! For now…I hope you’re keeping well! Take care til next time!

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