Day One of Lockdown in Regional Victoria

I just thought I would share this lockdown experience with you as a “home” “schooling” 😉 mum. I know many other home educating families have found these conditions quite challenging.

Sooo… I’m just going to share all of the wonderful things that I’ll be doing as sometimes I forget where I came across some fantastic resources, and so as not to waste them in “isolation, I am choosing to share them here for anyone who might like similar inspiration:)

I’ve just come across this website in my weather focused activities. THOUGH we are mostly outdoors asa family, and I do feel that rather than just reading and talking about it, my children are well versed in “experiencing it” as little wildlings… I felt that a little crafting around this would be great fun.

My oldest who is in “grade prep” / preschool / kinder, depending on where you are, already knows the seasons intimately! She’ll tell you what the trees do and when as our life is centred around nature and the seasons. Plus, this month i have invited her to do her own phenology wheel alongside me.

Finally having a printer again, I’ve copied the bare wheel for her (and for future months), so we’ll be doing that also. Now I have come across, through my art inspiration search…a lovely “weather tree” that I can’t wait to begin colouring in next year!

So, I thought I would share an example I’ve come across here on the Magical Childhood website I’ve just found. so you can get the idea of the template.

You also may or may not have seen my recent social content, so I just wanted to recap a couple of AWESOME finds!

Firstly what I’m truly grateful for is having only JUST welcomed 2 new pet rabbits into our family, before the new government recommendations were applied to our area. We also recently built a cubby for the girls, which is another timely blessing!

Back to the awesome resource that I really wanted to share!

Especially for the “Activity Based” Homeschoolers / Unschoolers: Keptme is an app I discovered only recently! If you’re in Victoria like us, then the record keeping of learning can be beautifully applied to the vic curriculum! It’s AWESOME!!

I’ve only just got started but am over the moon about it! Thanks to one of the mums in the Homeschooling Littles group, asking how some of us keep track of our littles learning, another mother shared this fantastic resource! I am already loving this app, especially the feature of applying the different learning areas to the activities your children participate in.

Why? Not because I need that reassurance. If you saw my #800hoursoutside post, you’ll know I’m certain of my child’s learning (as most of us un/ homeschoolers are). This I love: for acknowledgment- which I feel to be valuable!

Plus, we homeschool parents call the moments of reflection somewhat of a #payday … as it’s so rewarding when you see the results of efforts! People think “unschooling” is a lack of education but it’s the opposite! It’s a focus on a child’s interests!

And supporting learning THROUGH them so it’s enjoyable in itself! Anyway, check out the app! I’m loving it only having discovered it a few days ago!

That’s all for now:) Take care and I look forward to catching up (virtual or otherwise) real soon!

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