Emerging as Inspiration At Play

We have changed our name from The Natural Learner Unschool! After a while of pondering what we actually feel can accurately encompass and symbolise the essence of how we align ourselves, we emerge as Inspiration At Play.


Because we are not a rejection of school, or anything really. We are all about freedom, autonomy and choice. We are not “anti” anything. What is “right” for you may not be right for me. We are all so unique and this is what calls me to emerge from my recent hybernation, coincidently aligned with the divine interventions of the Universe (Covid-19 lockdown).

Inspiration at play is something that came to me after contemplating many other names! But this one simply “landed” on my heart! I felt it right away. Why? Because when something is “at play”, it is sometimes “unseen” however it is very much the driving force, influencing and directing energy in a certain way…at the heart of how it unfolds.

Inspiration is something that drives every aspect of my life quite strongly, especially parenting and “not always at” Homeschool. The word itself means it comes from within. It is self directed, organic and uninfluenced by extrinsic “motivations” such as coercion or reward.

This is not about “not” or “un”schooling for us. It’s about not being coerced in ANY area of life. In recognising that, I wanted to open this blog up to a more encompassing perspective on life holistically. Because the focus for us as a family…is NOT “school” or any other social system, structure or cultural norm. It is about whats true for US, not rejecting anything that is true for others.

This is a philosophy that has emerged for me recently as global crisis unfolded. For my own mental health, I “decided” to opt out of the paradigm. There are theories and perspective being born and adopted from all facets. But one thing became clearly apparent.

Much of this became highly divisive! The energy of rejection, repulsion, conflict and opposition gave rise to hostility, even in my own mind. I was lost in the “information vortex” and overcome with a “fighting” spirit! Immediately recognising this, I paused and decided to switch off! It’s not what I “want”. It’s not inspired or inspiring for me…so I shifted my focus.

This is what this name change signifies for me! A transcendence and elevation to new ways of being. Instead of absorbing the Covid Global Crisis news (tell-a-vision programming) and social scrolling, I’ve abandoned the “too much information” sources, long ago…AND reclaimed my soul!

Inspiration has taken over and my gratitude for life has exploded! This is the WHY behind the name change. We ARE Natural Learners…We DON’T use school. But we are more than these choices! We are multi-faceted and highly inspired! We are inspired!

Since “quitting” mainstream media and social scrolling, I have completed a lot of autonomous online training myself, which I feel is a great example for my children! I’ve done many things I have always dreamed of! I’ve achieved SO much of my long held aspirations! I literally completed several online training accreditations in further natural therapies modalities.

See, my absolute LOVE of learning is rich and deep! THIS is what I am committed to instilling in my children in non coercive ways. And THAT is what I feel is key. Offering a respectful learning environment to foster a natural, organic curiosity and self directed atmosphere of self development. That’s my hope for and commitment to my family!

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