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When home educating parents meet with opposition…

To the homeschooling / home educating parent who meet with disapproval for their choices by friends, family or strangers,

I hear you and I’m with you! It’s unsettling and at certain unexpected moments, can inflict subtle self doubt. BUT…I’m hear to share something that I keep sharing with other parents over and over. These are 2 of my favourite quotes that I feel apply perfectly well to this situation. 

“To the wrong person, no words are enough. To the right person, no words are needed.” Unknown.

and “When the voice and the vision on the inside become louder and more profound than the voices and opinions on the outside you have begun to master your life.” Dr John F Demartini

See, I feel they apply so well because so many people give unsolicited advise and unwelcome opinions, beyond just a helpful balanced perspective. Sometimes subtle, sometimes not so much. Sometimes it may be in the form of a question, designed or intended to plant a seed of self doubt. I hear these stories a lot! 

My solution to this… Is to meet any sign of doubt with certainty the exceeds it tenfold. You do NOT need to explain your choices as a parent (homeschooling or not) to anyone else. Wait for the 10% chance each year of being audited. By all means, do prepare records for that. Keep your journal and note your learning experiences…But don’t feel the need to “comfort” others or console them in any form…in order to make THEM feel comfortable with your home educating choices.

It’s easy to feel the need…I have been there a few times even with strangers. One polite teacher in the park once said after hearing my tone…”that’s ok, a few people homeschool now don’t they”. She must have heard my hesitation to tell her…since she’d already disclosed her profession. 

Since then, my remedy for meeting others doubt is to simply unveil an authentic flood of enthusiasm and certainty. I love to point people in the direction of the industrial purpose of schooling and how we have evolved far beyond that. That I feel school systems are largely outdated and that socialisation is not a concern when you have a community around you and unlimited time to engage with all ages and kinds of people.

I also feel it’s great to mention the teacher student ratio and the immense superiority of 1-1 attention ESPECIALLY with a parent and child (who like each other’s company), who understand each other’s language and values system. It’s easier to “explain” something when you know the person well. 

In a class room, individuals and their creativity get lost. That’s just a start! I could continue all day, but by then, the conversation usually lads to acceptance lithesome level of understanding or insight. Outside of a classroom, learning is unlimited! Without a curriculum, learning potential is unending!

Above all, my answer to this common problem I see parents of new homeschoolers like me having is…go back to my favourite quotes above! I live by them and feel these are largely my driving forces behind my choice to actually homeschool too.

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