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The Answer to the Question: Why did you choose to home educate?

It’s not easy to answer this question in passing! For a start, there are 100 if not thousands of reasons why I chose to home educate. My short answer was “I never imagined it any other way. Mostly for the freedom to travel and road school, but for many reasons.” Maybe I was keeping the cards close to my chest.

I edited the first paragraph to include my actual answer when someone pointed out how my original paragraph could have been interpreted vastly different. I did say it was no light decision. What I meant by that was…I’ve given this enormous consideration. I have great strength in my certainty. I sure hope to convey that…which “in passing” is not going to do the subject justice!

For one, I feel learning outside a school classroom, can be much less limited! I also feel you have far more potential to integrate into society outside of school than divided and segregated with a focus on conformity. I’m no fan of conforming for it’s own sake!

There are also a great many articles I have read that have done a beautiful job of explaining the benefits and advantages of home “school”, so I’m mindful that I really want to “do it justice” when I share the beauty of home ed to the outside world. But for now, I just want to scratch the surface. I guess that’s why I began this blog as well.

Aside from keeping a home ed journal for potential audit purposes, I wanted to keep these precious memories close at hand. Besides, I find that when you measure something, as in “keep a track of it”…you are more mindful, present and aware of it, AND you can see your performance, record the journey of changes and growth!

It’s a simple success tool that I’m really beginning to have respect for, using it in my own life more and more as I grow older. I’ve grown to LOVE spread sheets! Something only recent, BUT something I never thought I would…in a million years! This is also teaching me, that the love of learning just takes you to places that others find it hard and laborious to attain. You know…things like “maths”.

See when you love something…you naturally want to learn ALL about it! And numbers, language, history and EVERYTHING…every other subject are what you WANT to know ABOUT this topic that you LOVE! If you love Growing food and Self Sustainability for example, you are going to want to learn all the plant names, history of their discovery, distance to plant their seeds, how long it takes to grow and fruit.

Everything (every “subject”) IN REAL LIFE… is intertwined….NOT separate! Thats…in a nutshell, MY reason for home education (not school). But outside that nutshell, it’s many, MANY reasons that I chose home education! I won’t call it home school if I’m being honest! Because I’m not choosing “school”. I’m not bringing school into my home. I’m choosing something different. I’m choosing real life.

You have freedom to go MUCH deeper into a subject you’re taken by when you’re the driver behind the wheel of your own learning. You don’t get a bell that drills the message into you that “nothing is important enough, not to be interrupted by an outer authority”. What does a bell teach a child about their own autonomy? I want my children to REALLY learn that their say…matters!

Yesterday, my 5 year old suggested we just “ask” the supermarkets to stop using plastic! So simple! But WOW! So…I did just that! A seed was planted! Who knows where this fire in the belly may lead? She now knows that her ideas…can impact change in the bigger world! And I love that! She did NOT learn that on a superficial level! She owned that! It was HER learning…NOT my curriculum!

Stay tuned as I feel a part 2 coming on! That’s all for now…but it’s not “all”.

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