Unlimited Possibility

My love of “unschooling” comes from it’s focus on curiosity lead education. Natural Learning occurs when we follow our passion rather than focusing on our weaknesses.

When living in your values, doing what you love, you WANT to learn! This is inspired learning at play. Fulfilling rather than stressful. Self driven, rather than coercive.

Learning happens continually, everywhere, beyond classroom walls. Unschooling uses life itself to learn, rather than a certain place, time and authority. The Natural Learner takes ownership of their education.

Community & Life Skills

The big attraction to “home” education for me is…it can happen anywhere!

The variety and applicability to reality of natural organic learning is authentic, unforced and far more colourful than just imagining it from a class room, through the lens of one singular adult “teacher” 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, all through the year, all through “school age”.

Understanding your child better

Your time with your children is worth so much more than that which is spent learning from 1 “teacher” in a room full of 30 other same aged children.

2 hours of “home” ed is equal to a whole 6 hour school day!

Reasons why we do Life / Natural Learning

To me, “unschooling” is organic! It’s not leaving your child to fend for themselves…it’s noticing them…truly noticing what they are curious about and offering them an abundance of opportunity to explore that the best they can.

Mind-Body Learning

Because since being a baby, my little ones have LOVED climbing! I couldn’t imagine them learning in a sedentary way.

Free Play

Self directed organic learning at play is not the same as rote memorisation. It’s imprinted through experience.

Curiosity Driven

A family trip turns into a history lesson, stirring questions organically. The love of learning always present! There is no coercion or pressure to dim the light.

The Natural Learner Unschool

Without a curriculum, you’re free to dive deep into learning with passion & enthusiasm unrestricted!

Sift through all you find and take what resonates. Don’t trip on dogma. Absorb all the learning possible!